Why Everyone Was Born To Snap Photos

Why Everyone Was Born To Snap Photos

Talents aren’t always acquired through education, infomercials or how-to guides on eHow. In fact, many superstars in photography simply picked up their first 35mm during their teen years, played around with different angles, and happen to be working for National Geographic today. For some reason, photography is something that everyone was born into, and we’re going to outline the very reasons everyone should buy expensive camera equipment, both impulsively as well as frequently.

Natural Curiosities

Aside from voyeurism, humans’ natural curiosities always end up populating photo albums with positive reflections of moments they’ve endured.  Some moments in life we’d rather forget forever, yet most others merit snapping several dozen shots because they’re too damn funny.  Our natural affinity for securing photos will continue until the end of time which, according to theologians, should be tomorrow.  Or was that yesterday?

Cameras Are Everywhere

Thanks to cellular technology, everyone has decent megapixel cameras embedded into their HTC, iPhone or Galaxy.  Because of this, phones can instantly capture, share and gain notoriety through many photos instantly uploaded.  This means, naturally, that anyone who understands basic phone functionality will become the instant paparazzi they dreamt of.  Even with generic Tracfone models, cameras can capture pretty cool photos – besides, many crimes can be solved with these photos if they’re shared with law enforcement.

It’s Just Too Fun

Drunk, sober, crying or puking, taking photos is simply our right as humans.  Not many will have the capacity to sell photos to major news outlets, yet you never know what your pictures could do.  With the advent of digital media, people are actually monetizing – and stealing, unfortunately – photos that are taking in various landscapes.  This provides another level of income for people that once took pictures for fun.  Just remember to never take the fun away from operating cameras, and never sell photos that aren’t yours to begin with.

 To Snap PhotosHow You Can Begin

So, how do interested photo shooters get into the groove and begin getting those high profile shots?  Well, not every picture is considered ‘elite’ unless it’s something that’s never been attempted before, or is catching some heinous act concurrently.  The best steps towards taking above-beginner pictures is simple:

  • Learn how an actual camera – not your phone – operates.  Learn various terms and items associated with camera use: aperture, shutter speeds, lenses, and so forth;
  • Practice taking pictures with various landscapes in extreme temperatures.  Many traveling photographers are subjected to climatic variances, thereby making normal photo taking difficult. Get use to this quickly.
  • Pitch various small online news sites, blogs or businesses to see if they’re interested in having you take ‘x’ amount of photos for ‘x’ dollars.  It’s an excellent way to build clout within the industry. Submit your best shots to online contests for exposure.

In Closing: Feed Your Inner Photographer

Everyone has that little photographer sitting inside their heads, waiting to jump wildly out and begin snapping everything in sight.  The most important part of photography is inspiration; make sure everything taken is purely out of joy, not pressure.  Finally, in order to get deeper into the photo trade, one must spend quality time getting to know the equipment, lexicon and general ideology behind photo taking.

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