Photographing Your Home Right For A Quick Sale

Photographing Your Home Right For A Quick Sale

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When it comes to selling your home, appearance is everything, and first impressions are crucial to get right in order to attain the attention of potential buyers. Having said that, most people trying to sell their homes fail to understand that home buyers don’t have the same tastes as they do – and therefore are often put off buying a house purely down to cosmetic looks.

A picture says a thousand words, and no matter how well you describe your property on websites like Rightmove and Zoopla, the photographs are what is going to sell it for you. More often than not, buyers are put off simple things like colour choices, and clutter – however, in extreme circumstances house seller’s tastes over rule all judgement when it comes to selling.

When estate agents get it wrong.

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Estate agents aren’t always known for their creative flair and photographic ability, but a bit of common sense does go a long way! You just need to look at the above photos to see that no potential buyer is going to be attracted to a property based on photos like this.

If you are not happy with the photos your estate agent has taken for example; if they are out of focus, if they are too dark, if they are grainy, and if you feel they don’t emphasis the best parts of your property, remember you have a right to complain.

All of the photographs taken of your property are there to assist in the sale of your home, and if you want a quick sale of your property – poor photographs will let you down big time!

If all else fails you could consider getting a professional photographer in, who will be able to take wide angled photos, and also help with staging, and making your home look presentable.

Outside is important too.

Once you have the inside of your home looking good, and the photos are how you would like them, the outside of your property should be your next concern. The time of day that you take your photos is very important. If a property looks dull and gloomy from the outside, its likely going to put off potential buyers picking up the phone and ringing your agent!

Try to capture your property on a nice, bright sunny day. Move cars from the driveway so you can focus all attention on the property. Also, make sure you get your property from its best angle. If your neighbour’s house is in a state of disrepair try to ensure that it is not in the photograph.

Anything you can do to improve your property visually is going to help you generate enquiries about your property, and most importantly get you a quick sale, and a good price.

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